Duru + Vogue

Travelling down memory lane today. Actually not that long a lane. Last season. Most fashion designers relate their work to past seasons, inspirations, collections, events.

Here is a recollection of a truly inspiring collection. Duru Olowu Spring 2009.

Duru Olowu 14

The carefree insolence of an “eye-fan”.

Duru Olowu 17

The “super shoulders”. I mean everyone is crazy about Balmain’s shoulder pads but this bodycon/fireflamme/ super heroine dress is just way ahead.

 Duru Olowu 15

I call this Boho-Afro-Chic meets the 1980s.

Duru Olowu 4

Beware of the Eye…lol.

 Duru Olowu 2

Ok now I want a jumpsuit too !

Duru Olowu 8

I will be sipping cocktails on a hot night in Lagos !

So this is snapshot of Duru Olowu’s Spring 2009 collection. I know, I know , you are going to tell me it is not in stores anymore but…thats worth the memory. And in any case, you can find the collection of this fantastic & immensely talented designer in most large cities starting by Harrod’s in London and Montaigne Market in Paris!!

Like we say in french: Merci l’artiste !!

(images courtesy of style.com)

Duru Olowu


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